Zero 88 Launches New Highly Contemporary Website

The new Zero 88 website will host of relevant product, project and general information.

Zero 88 have launched a new website complete with a highly visual contemporary design and a host of relevant product, project and general information that’s quick and easy to navigate via intuitive menuing that gets viewers to exactly where they need to be quickly and logically.

It has been designed and initiated by the same team who worked on delivering the award-winning patented ZerOS User interface features and mobile app.

The site is fully mobilefriendly and optimised for all devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It is action-packed with highquality photos and embedded product overview and training videos, all of which will maximize the available viewing surface area with precisely curated information.

“It’s been designed to meet the needs of today’s endusers including lighting creatives and specifiers who are regularly accessing the internet on the move using mobile hand-held devices,” said Zero 88 product manager Jon Hole, who is part of the team driving the development of the new portal.

“Our products are tools integral in realising fantastic lighting designs that help tell amazing stories and delight audiences,” Jon said. “It’s this fission of excitement and ‘liveness’ that we really wanted for this new website in addition to all the practicalities and, naturally, the core information that underlines our commitment and passion for this incredible industry.