White Light Supplies W-DMX to Royal Opera House

Since it first opened in 1732, the Royal Opera House has become one of the world’s most recognised and respected performance venues. Based in Covent Garden, the building is home to both the Royal Opera and Royal Ballet and is renowned for its outstanding variety of traditional work and new commissions. With such a vast array of productions seen by almost 800,000 visitors every year, the Royal Opera House must rely on state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that each show achieves its potential. As a result, the venue has invested significantly in Wireless Solution’s W-DMX; with every purchase being made through White Light.
Based in Sweden, Wireless Solution is the world’s leading manufacturer of the most exciting and reliable wireless lighting control equipment, W-DMX. This twice award-winning DMX system is the most dependable product available for transmitting lighting control data wirelessly, regardless of distance or location. It is also a product for which WL is the exclusive distributor and one which the Royal Opera House has invested significantly in.
Justin Cook, Lighting Systems Manager and part of the Technical Production team at the Royal Opera House. He commented: “We decided to invest in Wireless DMX as we were aware of the huge impact it would have in how the productions are run at the Royal Opera House. We own 10 W-DMX transmitters and around 40 receivers. Similarly all additional bars and set practicals are run from Wireless DMX and we run four universes for any additional lighting equipment we require on top of our permanent rig.”
Jonathan Haynes, WL’s Business Development Manager, commented: “It’s easy to understand why the Royal Opera House frequently draws on the use of Wireless Solution products. W-DMX has essentially changed the way lighting is controlled through wireless distribution. Award-winning reliability and one-button-to-go setup allows for the quick installation of lighting fixtures, on-time completion of time-sensitive projects and faster, less arduous load-ins of equipment. This makes life so much easier for the client – something which has been evident with the Royal Opera House.”
Wireless Solution equipment has not only made a huge impact in the Royal Opera House’s iconic Covent Garden space but also on its various touring productions. Justin stated: “Last year, we took Don Giovanni on a tour of Japan, which was an extremely ambitious project and allowed us to showcase our work across the globe. Whilst there, we weren’t able to run the set from the mains power so everything had to be battery-powered using the RC4 Series 3 W-DIM4. Without the use of Wireless DMX, we simply wouldn’t have been able to tour the show.”
With more venues and production companies than ever before turning to the reliability and efficiency of wireless technology, WL expects the product line to continue to grow in 2016. Jonathan comments: “W-DMX offers so much more to venues, particularly those with hard to reach areas where cabling would normally be impossible. It is allowing the boundaries to be pushed on productions and the more people see it being utilised, the more they realise how powerful and beneficial it can be.”
David Ferraz, Wireless Solution’s International Business Development Manager, added: “It’s fantastic that W-DMX is making a huge impact at a renowned venue such as the Royal Opera House. We create all of our products with ease-of-use for the end user being a top priority hence we are delighted that so many organisations and venues are now benefitting from this.”