Totem Digital Média Selects Absen for Latest Digital Signage Retail Project

Totem Digital Média, a French company specialising in signage projects, recently chose the award winning N4 LED panels from Absen for the E. Leclerc Chessy shopping mall near Orléans (France).

Featuring twenty one Absen N4 LED panels (3 x 7), the 7sqm screen was installed in just a couple of days for the local advertising agency responsible for selling the space to various advertisers (brands and chains). Measuring 1152mm (L) x 288 mm (H), the recently introduced N4 LED panel boasts a brightness of 1,000 nits and is very thin (only 44mm), making it a perfect solution for retail environments.

The screen is fitted on an aluminium wall mount, making the total weight as light as 8.8kg. The space between the screen and the wall is only 8mm, which allows for the video player and processor to be fitted behind the screen, and also facilitates airflow. A special frame was created on the sides and bottom of the structure in order to hide the cabling and connections. Totem Digital Média also fitted a front opening to facilitate maintenance and allow technicians to access the player and processor easily. Because the N Series panels are so thin, the structure is perfectly integrated to the slick retail environment.

“We installed a smart connection system (IP) which allows users to switch off and reboot some elements as well as the entire system”, explains Nacima Rosario, joint managing director at Totem Digital Média and responsible for the business entity. “The Absen team was very professional in its approach, and their engineering department validated the blueprints for the mount we created specifically for the screen.”

Content wise, a number of commercials interspersed with extreme sports videos are screened six days a week, 12 hours a day (from 8am to 8pm). The networked online server allows the player to screen locally lists of different videos.

“We decided to work exclusively with the N Series indoor range from Absen because they are perfectly adapted to the needs of indoor shop windows”, comments Totem Digital Média’s joint managing director Sylvain Pelletier, in charge of sales and technical. “Installing the N Series is very quick and easy, the LED panels feature front servicing, and we can control all the functionalities of the screens on site or remotely. These products are very innovative, which sets them apart from the competition!” he enthuses.

The Absen N Series has already been awarded several international industry accolades. The Series is comprised of four models with pixel pitches from 2.4mm to 4mm and has been designed with specific vertical markets in mind: Retail, advertising in public places such as airports and train stations, as well as broadcast design for TV studio sets.

“Digital signage in retail advertising is experiencing a rapid growth, in particular with the end of the year celebrations”, explains Alain Kestler, business development manager France at Absen. “An increasing number of clients are enquiring about LED panel options and in particular our N Series because they are so easy to install and maintain.

“The visual quality of our LED panels is also praised by our clients. They can easily be monitored using a smartphone or a table, and they don’t require any monitoring card. We have different sizes and resolutions available depending on the number of modules installed and the needs of our clients”, concludes Kestler.

The initial feedback from both shoppers and the shopping centre has been extremely positive according to the installer. This interesting application is highly representative of the growing need for digital media as a means of communication for shopping centres, whether for new projects or refurbishments.