Strong Technical Services and STRONG/MDI Screen Systems formalise partnership with Powersoft

Strong Global Entertainment announced that its subsidiaries Strong Technical Services and STRONG/MDI Screen Systems have entered into a partnership with Powersoft, a leading provider of high-end technologies for the professional audio market.

The partnership includes the resale, integration, and installation of Powersoft products, supported by STS, as well as the enhancement of STRONG/MDI’s Seismos Immersive Product line with the implementation of Powersoft’s Mover Direct Drive. The product at the heart of the partnership is Powersoft’s Mover Direct Drive. The Mover Direct Drive is a patented low-frequency transducer that has been designed to reproduce sound through haptic perception, which is the human body’s capability to feel low-end frequencies through bone conduction.

This innovative technology brings a unique and immersive dimension to the audio experience, making it more tangible and participatory. “Complete immersion is undoubtedly the next big thing in attractions, and we are happy to partner with Powersoft to lead the movement worldwide,” said François Barrette, Senior Vice President and General Manager of STRONG/MDI.

“This combination of experience and reputation has already resulted in a revolutionary interactive flooring system, Seismos, that is now being deployed in different attractions around the world.” “With visitor expectations at an all-time high, haptic feedback represents an exciting way of elevating the audience experience,” said Thomas Howie, New Business Development at Powersoft.

“The Mover Direct Drive allows audiences to not just hear, but also feel a part of and participate in the audio experience. This is a significant advance in the realm of immersive entertainment.” Blake Titman, Senior Vice President, and General Manager of STS commented: “Our presence at InfoComm 2023 generated great leads, and our team is pleased to partner with Powersoft to deliver immersive entertainment experiences.” Tom Knesel, General Manager at Powersoft U.S., stated: “We’re proud to team up with Strong Global Entertainment and its subsidiaries. Our shared vision is to provide unique technologies to enhance the overall customer experience in applications that involve tactile inertial shaking of floors.

“With the integration of the Mover Direct Drive and additional Powersoft products, we’re confident that we can transform the way audiences connect with audio experiences, taking it to a new level of immersion and interaction.”