Robe Specified for Magazine London’s House Lighting Rig

Robe Magazine London Bibi show photo by Gemma Parker.

Nearly 100 Robe LED lighting fixtures – T1 Profiles, Spiider LED wash beams plus Divine 160 RGBW LED floods – are at the heart of the house lighting package at Magazine London – the capital’s newest and most exciting event space, located in North Greenwich.

Technical Consultant, Simon Jones of SJ-TPM, was brought onboard by Venue Lab to coordinate all things technical that relate to event production including the lighting. Involved in the process from conception to completion, his brief was to design the overall technical infrastructure including house lighting and sound systems, and oversee the purchase, procurement and installation of all production equipment.

Simon had numerous positive experiences with Robe, one of which included specifying large quantities of BMFL moving lights for the Westfield London retail complex. Simon said: “I’ve been hands-on with Robe products for several years, they are rock solid and the service (from local distributor Robe UK) is great, so they were obviously going to be the go-to choice for the Magazine London project”.

Simon sought additional creative expertise from lighting specialists Ben Cash and Dave Amos, at Flare Lighting to ensure that Magazine would have the best options for a multiplicity of scenarios.

LED light sources were a given, and with the other considerations proposed by Ben and Dave, this resulted in the purchase of the 14 x Spiiders, 16 x T1 Profiles and 65 x Divine 160 RGBW flood / washes from Robe to be installed in the venue.

The Spiiders and T1s are positioned on the stage rig, and the Divines are installed in the roof trusses where they are ideal for washing the entire venue in high-quality colour. Simon said: “The T1s offer great brightness, high-quality output, multiple features and are extremely power-efficient. While the Spiiders are an ‘industry standard’ LED wash, they have a very intense brightness, a great variety of colours, as well as being small and light, taking up very little space.”