Raleigh First Assembly Church Praise Chroma-Q Inspire House Lights

Over eighty of the award-winning Chroma-Q Inspire colour-changing LED house light fixtures have been installed at the First Assembly Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, to provide an immersive worship experience.

The Church is an Assemblies of God organisation that stresses the importance of godly living, Christian service and personal salvation. It recently relocated to an extensively renovated, 58,000 sq. ft. former industrial facility.

The Church’s Executive Pastor, Danny Collins, approached Douglas Hood, President of Indiana-based CSD Group, to supply a lighting solution for the new building.

Danny was the first to comment on the installation: “Versatility was a recurring theme in our design meetings, with the hope of creating an environment where we could blur the lines between stage and seating using lighting. Therefore, we required colour-capable, fully dimmable lighting, which could be controlled from FOH as well as from wall panels located throughout the venue. The Chroma-Q Inspire was our recommended solution due to its richness and depth of colour, plus its smooth transition and fades – and not forgetting its modern, energy-efficient LED design. It is a great fixture.”

Douglas also gave an overview: “As part of the design process we were able to share with the church how using colour-mixing house lights that could let us treat the entire space as a canvas as well as the stage, which was very appealing to them. This is a great church with a dynamic worship ministry, so to have these fixtures throughout the house just gives the tech team even more creativity in how they build the ‘look’ of each service. From powerful lighting effects to subtle changes, the Inspires represent another great instrument in their creative toolbox.”

The Inspire fixtures are DMX controlled, so can be easily integrated into the building’s control system; meeting the tech team’s requirement to be able to operate them from multiple control point locations. They have several control personalities, such as RGBW, fxHSI and HSI, for maximum flexibility no matter what desk is used. The dimming is step-free and offers a smooth range across the entire curve from 100% to off.

Douglas continued by stating the following: “We looked at a few different cost options from a several manufacturers. Given the calibre of this project and the end result we were looking for, the Inspire was our fixture of choice and the client trusted us to make that decision. They are thrilled with the results.”

The Church’s Worship Pastor, Charlie Perkins also stated how the staff and congregation have been blessed beyond measure by the lighting system.

Chroma-Q North American distributor, A.C. LIGHTING INC, supplied the Inspire fixtures to CSD.

The Chroma-Q range of premium performance solutions is designed and built to exacting standards in North America, and has been adopted by many leading designers for some of today’s most demanding and prestigious lighting applications. As a result of this, the brand has received awards from several industry associations.

Other leading house of worship venues to have invested in the Chroma-Q Inspire house light fixture include the Maranatha Assembly of God Church in Minnesota, Celebration Church in Florida, Valley Creek Church in Texas, and the historic Pieterskerk building – formerly a Church – in the Dutch city of Leiden.