Fusiform Dives in at Shreveport Aquarium

The Shreveport Aquarium in Louisiana completed construction in November of 2017. Fusiform Design Workshop has been contracted to assist with lighting, signage, and digital interactive spaces.

Featured heavily throughout the exhibits, Visual Productions lighting controllers provided a robust and easy to deploy system for the special effect lighting. Fusiform is a multidisciplinary creative agency that has worked with clients to design everything from packaging to digital interactive spaces.

Fusiform delivered 4 distinct signage systems and 3 lighting networks in the interactive elements for this aquarium. Three QuadCore solid-state lighting controllers were installed in the network controlling mainly Gantum spots and track lighting in the shipwreck, underwater cave and stand-alone virtual reality room.

In the stand-alone virtual reality room B-Stations were also used so that each visitor could select their own colour cues. The aquarium has been supplied with an additional B-Station in the main office to start or reset all attractions.

As a first time customer and user of Visual Productions, Luke Lee of Fusiform felt that the lighting controllers were “extremely intuitive and reliable,” in the 10 months since the project was handed over “I have had only one issue with the install which was due to user error and thanks to the structure of the QuadCores, I was able to immediately correct it remotely for the customer with no further issues”.