PROEL Appoints Chris Walton as UK & Ireland Sales Manager

PROEL has appointed Chris Walton as UK & Ireland Sales Manager for its Commercial Audio and Evac divisions and for the brand Axiom Pro Audio.

“The appointment of Chris for the markets of UK and Ireland, is part of our new strategy for approaching those markets. We trust Chris will help us to improve the engagement with our end-users, and improve our presence, not only under a promotional point of view, but also as a technical assistance perspective”, says Elio Caia, Axiom International Sales Manager.

“I have had a long history in the music industry covering all aspects of touring, live sound and studio engineering, system configuration and installation. Having come from working in Pro Audio sales for the last 5 years I am proud and excited to work for Proel on their Axiom, Commercial Audio and Evac range for the UK and Ireland” said Chris Walton.