Powersoft Distributes Deva in Italy with Audiosales

It’s been five years since Powersoft altered the landscape of ‘infotainment’ systems with Deva, originally introducing it as the first ‘all-in-one’ solution ever made for information, entertainment, security and data collection. Since then, knowledge of Deva has rapidly spread in every market, thanks to systems installed in various parts of the world and for different applications, from public squares and gardens to hotels, leisure and sports facilities.

Audiosales has been distributing Powersoft amplifiers in Italy since 2015 and has spoken of its immense pride in bringing what it calls ‘one of the most innovative Powersoft solutions’ to the Italian market.

“There’s an increasing number of system integrators and installers who need to bring true innovations to their customers,” said Stefano Rocchi, Managing Director of Audiosales. “We are sure that these companies will immediately appreciate the enormous possibilities of such an innovative and, in many ways, revolutionary tool.”

He continued: “Personally, I am thrilled by the idea of presenting our customers with a solution that is already recognised all over the world and appreciated for its versatility. We know all about the quality of Powersoft products, and we are immensely proud to bring Deva to Italy – I’m sure that our satisfaction will be reiterated by any company that chooses it.”

Deva is a technologically advanced, flexible, multimedia system designed to change the way organisations interact with their audiences around the world. It integrates multiple communication solutions in a single wireless device and can reproduce messages, give information, provide entertainment, guarantee security and collect data.

Thanks to the ‘all-in-one’ nature of Deva, it is suitable for an almost unlimited number of applications. Designed in the context of smart cities, it can be used to secure and control large outdoor public areas such as gardens, transport nodes, car parks, bus stops, service stations, beaches and promenades, as well as entertainment venues including theme parks, shopping centres and sports facilities. Deva’s ease of integration makes it equally suitable for both new projects and existing infrastructures.

“It is with great pleasure that Powersoft expands its collaboration with Audiosales, thus guaranteeing our customers a professional, efficient and widespread support also for the Deva,” confirmed Cosimo Cecchi, Powersoft Deva Unit Sales Manager. “I am confident that this is a winning choice, and that Audiosales is the right choice to enhance a unique product like Deva.”

As well as being lightweight, compact and easy to install, Deva is self-sufficient; having been designed as a green device that can be powered by any latest generation solar panel. The system is also IP65-rated for outdoor use and maximum protection against atmospheric agents and has a high-efficiency class D amplifier.

Deva’s software facilitates remote setup and operation via PC, tablet or smartphone; has ports for backup and any peripherals such as Ethernet or USB; and has additional functions with optional modules like GSM, GPS, or FM radio.