Painting with Light Creates Projection Art at Bokrijk

Belgium based creative lighting and visual design specialist, Painting with Light has created a 3D mapped projection artwork for the Hangar 58 event space at Bokrijk in Limburg, one of the region’s most important historical landmarks and a popular open air museum.

The permanently installed show was the brainchild of Hanger 58’s owner Wim Grommers, who approached Painting with Light’s Luc Peumans to create storyboards, video artwork and a library of standard content to be made available to various clients renting the space, with custom material available on request.

When running, the projection images measure approximately 40 metres long and 20 metres tall. They cover a series of different shaped buildings set at 90° to one another in one of the historical villages replicated at Bokrijk.

Painting with Light undertook a complete 3D scan of the building facades before creating the multi-million pixel ‘map’ before Peumans and his team, including Bart Tauwenberg from New Solid, started work on the content. The shows, lasting between five and 10 minutes, precisely match the lines of the buildings.

“It’s great to see someone with the foresight and imagination to invest in a show like this and of course I am extremely proud that it’s happening in my home town” said Peumans.