One Systems Brings Calypso Side Vision to Life

The indoor and outdoor seating areas are covered by One Systems sound reinforcement systems -- high-quality background music indoors while the outdoor area offers full sound to deal with the outdoor soundscape. Photography by Julie Clark (JMC Communications).

One Systems enhanced The Calypso Side, located in Anatalya, Turkey with a sound reinforcement system designed and installed by Istanbul-based AKHAN-TT Ses Isik Gorsel sistemler.

With a capacity of 400, the new restaurant and lounge required a system that would reinforce the distinctive entertainment program the owners planned to draw guests to their venue.

“They envisioned the indoor seating area covered by a system that provides high-quality background music while the outdoor area system provides full sound to deal with the outdoor soundscape,” explained Faik Haluk Akgun, the owner of AKHAN-TT Ses Isik Gorsel sistemler.

Since part of the restaurant is outdoors and in near proximity to the sea and salt water, Akgun was confident that One Systems Direct Weather loudspeakers would be the perfect solution. After comparing One Systems loudspeakers to another popular U.S. brand, the owners agreed.

Akgun specified two distributed systems, one for the indoor area and the other for the terrace, both made up of One Systems Direct Weather loudspeakers.

Ten One Systems 104/HTH are mounted around the perimeter of the bar, pointing inward, to provide guests with medium output that will not overpower their dining experience. He also placed six One Systems 106/HTH distributed around the outer perimeter of the bar to cover the outdoor seating area/terrace. A single One Systems 118/HSB subwoofer is deployed near the bar where the foot traffic is high and guests congregate in the evening.

The One Systems 104/HTH and One Systems 106/HTH are two-way designs offering wide coverage patterns of 110 x 80 and 110 x 70 degrees respectively. The One Systems 104/HTH features an elliptical waveguide with optimal loading to the high-frequency driver while the One Systems 106/HTH utilizes a high-frequency driver with very low distortion and superior upper vocal range intelligibility. The 4.5-inch and 6.5-inch low-frequency drivers are paired with large voice coils, ensuring high reliability and excellent linearity.

The enclosures utilise 316-grade stainless steel (marine-grade) for all structural and rigging points as well as associated rigging accessories.

Metal components that are not structural feature a newly developed marine capable poly coating over 304-grade stainless steel; allowing One Systems Premium Hybrid Series of loudspeakers to be used in oceanfront and cruise ship applications, making them the ideal choice for this application.

“The client had a vision for their bar restaurant that we were happy to turn into reality, they are extremely pleased with their sound systems,” concluded Akgun. “The Calypso Side is a new and popular attraction with both locals and tourists in the area, much of that due to the exceptional sound reinforcement system.”