Outline Superfly Takes Off in Lithuania

Outline's new superfly takes off in Lithuania

The Palangos Concert Hall has benefitted from a state-of-the-art Outline audio system designed to handle all the diverse demands of a contemporary performance space.

Specified and installed by Outline’s Lithuanian distributor NO NOISE LT, UAB under the guidance of their CEOs Kestutis Dulinskas and Linas Kazlauskas, the system draws extensively on Outline’s product portfolio but features their very latest product, the groundbreaking Superfly compact line-source module.

Using a combination of CAD 3D files, Outline’s Open Array 3D prediction / analysis software and the experience gained from many shows in the venue. Kestutis described his system design as: “The audio configuration is not simple, because of the size and shape of the room. The main L/R arrays consist of twelve Superfly plus six Mantas 28 per side, with the Superfly cabinets working like far-field boxes for the balcony while the Mantas are effectively downfill speakers, mainly covering the lower parts of the hall.

“It may seem like a lot of speakers for this size of the venue, but we need them to cover the nearly 90-degree vertical audience geometry. At the same time, we have a good vertical dispersion control which avoids reflections from the ceiling.”

Linas added: “The hardest part of the design phase was to find the best subwoofer configuration for this venue. We started with a central cluster of eight DBS 18-2 subwoofers but this was not successful due to strong reflection from the ceiling, which cancels a lot of energy in the audience area. After extensive measurements and listening tests we decided to fly L-R subs, five per side, with an additional sub on the ground for the very first rows. This design works very well for the arena.”

More Outline products were deployed in various roles around the room – Spectra and Vegas 12 CX modules were installed as outfills, more Vegas 12 CX were used as under-balcony fills while yet more Mantas 28s were located to provide infill and front fill coverage. The whole system is powered by just eight Outline X8 dante-equipped amplifiers while overall system control is provided by the all-new Outline NEWTON 16+8 digital hub.

Linas commented on his choice of Outline for the Palanga’s Hall: “For us Outline is a very professional company with great products and the new Superfly performs like a high-end system. It requires four channels of amplification while most competitors in this range of speakers are using cost-effective two-way design boxes, which just cannot compete with Superfly for audio quality. Superfly’s 3-way design was a major factor in our choice.

“I think the client is very happy. Now every show in this place will sound good from a PA aspect and the coverage is pretty good too. For any visiting rental company, it is not possible to set up a sound system like this in the few hours they have before a show which means that all guest sound companies and engineers can now spend much more time on mixing their show, not in designing a PA. Even from the first shows after the installation was finished, visiting engineers were impressed by sound quality, coverage and power from the Outline system.”