NEXT-proaudio Introduces Express Orders

Thinking about customer-oriented solutions and innovation on the logistics platform, NEXT-proaudio has developed a new expanded space on their facilities to increase the stock holding, as well as adopt new line for “Express Orders”, using the website to order fast and easy.

With this new “Express Order”, will be possible to have some quantities of the most wanted models, immediately available to be delivered reducing the risk of stockouts.

The registered user, can find on the website distributor´s reserved area a updated list indicating the availability status as well as the possiblity to place the “express orders” directly on the online platform.

Internally, pressed by the strong demand, it was created a special line only for express orders, increasing the efficiency and output to keep abreast of the current growing demand for its products.

“We are looking to the future with these improvements to enhance conveniency and excellence of the service for immediate needs and the best service for our clients.” Said Andre Correia, NEXT-proaudio´s Manager. “With a focus on a better service providing fast delivers immediate with readily available stock”.

For all the big and planned orders, NEXT-proaudio still has the normal orders manufacturing cycle.