NEXT-proaudio Finance is Now Available in Europe

NEXT-proaudio Finance is designed for businesses and other organisations seeking to expand their market share, enhance their profitability and deliver superior audio performance and capabilities to their customers through the financing of NEXT-proaudio products.

Available from a purchase price of €500, without any down payment, and paying a monthly instalment between 12 to 60 months, this financing system helps to maximise the return on investment. The NEXT-proaudio Finance is currently available in more than 30 countries.

NEXT-proaudio Finance gives flexibility as well as the ability to quickly seize opportunities as they present themselves while making equipment purchase and upgrades to improve customer experience and elevate productivity, and yet not affect companies’ bottom line. The financing will provide the needed time to clear ‘old’ inventory while renting the most up to date, current equipment.

NEXT-proaudio Finance can improve cash flow, conserve capital, without diminishing short-term liquidity, lines of credit at the bank or reflecting debt on the financial statements with off-balance sheet financing. The goal is to ensure financing is implemented as easy, fast and smoothly as possible.