NEXO STM Line Arrays for Swansea University Swansong

End-of-term arts, culture and entertainment events represent good repeat business for regional sound rental companies. For Swansea-based rental house Total Sound Solutions, repeat business does not mean repeat service, as it seized the opportunity to debut its new NEXO STM Series modular array on one such high-profile event.

TSS was once again the official event production company for the Swansea University Summer Ball 2016 as it reached its eleventh anniversary, providing staging, sound, lights and power across the 3-arena event, and looking after a 5000-capacity crowd in the university grounds.

This summer, TSS was eager to put out its new NEXO STM inventory for the main Enchanted Forest stage, deploying a flown system comprising left/right hangs of STM modules, 2x B112 bass cabinets above 4x M28 main modules in each array. In front of the stage on the ground were 6x S118 subs. Side-fills consisted of NEXO RS15 Sub with PS15-R2 speakers on top. On the stage itself were 6x new NEXO NX4x4 Amps.

Chris Hooke, owner of TSS commented: “This was our first time flying the STM on the main stage using the new vario bumper. The STM system has replaced our previous rig which used 6x GEO S12 a side with 6x RS18 subs.”

On the second Treehouse stage, there was more STM, this time set up as two groundstacks, each with 1x S118, 1x B112 and 3x M28, powered by 2x NXAMP4x4s.

Completing an all-NEXO story, TSS used a smaller system with PS15-R2 with LS18 subs powered by NXAMP4x4s for the Ben Rees stage, named after one of the University’s employees who recently passed away.