Mountain Productions’ Venue Installations Team Brings Expertise to Dubai, EMEA Markets

Left to right: Ron Rose and David Piccola.

After dozens of high-profile arena upgrades, the Mountain Productions Venue Installations team is bringing their world-class expertise to Europe, the Middle East and Africa, beginning with a long-awaited trip to Dubai. The Mountain Productions venue installations team, led by Director of Venue Installations, David Piccola, is expanding their highly-sought-after capabilities to the EMEA. Working with their affiliate office in Dublin, Ireland, the Venue Installations sector is the next solution to be offered globally by North America’s largest staging and rigging company.

David, who has spent most of his adult life in rigging, began focusing on permanent venue installations while rigging for Cirque Du Soleil. A focus on safety and industry-leading technology soon became his professional passion. Mountain Productions’ most recent permanent venue installations include projects for the Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Red Wings and Pistons, New Jersey Devils, Detroit Lions and the Baltimore Ravens. Having worked within ten countries, he is no stranger to global projects of importance. He has even installed an automated rigging system in the first soccer stadium ever in Qatar, in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

“I’m looking forward to returning to EMEA,” said David. “This trip will help to reaffirm Mountain’s dedication to providing our world-class expertise to our friends, wherever their venue or event may be.” David will be joined in Dubai by Mountain Productions’ Director of International Development, Ron Rose. Rose has spent the past several years expanding Mountain Productions’ reputation as North America’s leading event production company on a global scale.

About Mountain Productions

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