Lawo Joins Alliance for IP Media Solutions

Lawo has collaborated with other industry suppliers to form the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS). AIMS is organised as an independent trade association founded to ensure that all IP solutions brought to market offer complete interoperability and are based on open standards for seamless integration into media workflow environments. The association’s mission is promoting the adoption, standardisation, development and refinement of open protocols for media over IP, with initial focus on VSF TR-03/-04, SMPTE 2022-6 and AES67.

“Thanks to the collaborative work already performed in SMPTE, VSF and AES, our industry has built a solid basis for a sustainable transition to IP. AIMS’s support of open standards and technical recommendations such as TR-03, TR-04 and AES67 afford us an opportunity to eliminate the fragmentation of implementations that our industry has endured over the last 20 years. It’s our big chance to avoid repeating expensive and time-consuming mistakes of the past,” said Andreas Hilmer, Director Marketing and Communications.

AIMS is dedicated to an open standards approach and Lawo, having always been committed to open standards, fully supports its mission. The mission of AIMS is to:

  • Promote initiatives that facilitate the education and adoption of open standards
  • Facilitate activities that accelerate the development of solutions that support these open standards
  • Nurture the creation of new standards by supporting standardising bodies with participation and testing in real-world environments

“Lawo have always been aligned to open standards, be it SMPTE 2022-6/-7 and TR-03 in video, AES3, Madi, Ravenna or AES67 in audio or Ember+ in control. We strongly believe in these standardised, open approaches in order to come to best possible solutions with a solid and secure long-term perspective for our clients,” Andreas continued.

AIMS provides specific development guidance in its bylaws to its members and to the broadcast community via the AIMS Roadmap. AIMS is open to all individuals and companies interested in supporting the establishment of open standards and who will commit to the group’s founding principles.