Absen Consolidates Scandinavian Growth with Audico and Dial-iT

November has been an extremely busy month for Absen in Scandinavia. Thanks to two key events in Sweden and Finland, Absen has been able to expand on its growth in the region and educate end users about its high quality, flexible and value for money LED panels.

On 4 November, Dial-iT – one of Sweden’s key audio visual distributors – organised an open day for digital sign manufacturers 4Sign, in order to introduce them to a variety of Absen LED solutions.

“When 4Sign approached us about their interest to sell LED panels to end users in their 16 branches around Sweden, we had the best solution for them: our range of Absen LED panels,” said company founder and partner of Dial-iT, Niklas Flymalm. “The event provided us with an excellent opportunity to collaborate with 4Sign and to educate their staff about how Absen could provide solutions for their customers.”

The 4Sign team were shown several Absen’s products, including the A1.9, AI06, N4 and the X10. Thanks to several common qualities of these panels such as their lightweight design, ultra low power consumption and high refresh rate, the Absen panels offered a contemporary alternative for 4Sign’s manufacture of printing billboards, posters, signs and roll-ups.

The afternoon was dedicated to live demos of the A1.9, AI06, N4 and the X10 LED panels, with work-shops and discussions educating the 17 attendees from 4Sign.

“The reaction was very positive, with interesting discussions of ideas, and several leads on prospective installations,” continued Niklas. “We wanted to convey to 4Sign the advantages of using Absen’s products. The LED panels are not only of extremely high quality, they offer stability, reliability and quality of production, the same reasons why Dial-iT have chosen Absen as our LED supplier.

“Dial-iT and 4Sign together can deliver a strong growth for Absen products in Sweden in the coming years. Dial-iT see this as an excellent opportunity to seek partnerships with existing companies in the sign industry, who have not yet stepped into sales of digital LED.”

At the audiovisual Helsinki tradeshow – which took place from 18 to 20 November – Finnish AV solutions partner Audico took the opportunity to officially present its Absen LED range as the first distributors of Absen LED panels in the country. The 180 sq metre stand was an ideal place to display Absen’s selection of products for the visiting end users and clients.

“Some of the biggest rental houses in Finland were giving me great feedback about Absen’s products“ said AV Sales Manager, Petteri Partinen. “However, what they were lacking was a local channel for improved distribution, service and support. So we decided to offer our customers Absen solutions as the official distributor in the country.”

Audico opted for a space themed stand to showcase its arsenal of 4K signal processing and modern multimedia solutions, including Absen’s X5, N2 and X10 series.

“We wanted to show our flagship Absen LED panels to potential customers on the stand. With their ultra narrow pixel pitch technology, the Absen panels impressed. And as an official Absen dealer, we emphasised the fact that servicing and customer support lives up to the performance of the products.”

Audico received substantial interest toward Absen without any prior brand promotion. An order for 60 sq metres of Absen’s X16 panels has been placed for an outdoor Skiing stadium to be installed in early January, which is set to be the biggest Absen install in Finland to date.

“The cooperation between Absen and Audico has already proved to be a great move for both parties,” said Audico Managing Director, Harri Leiva. “Judging by the reaction of the visitors to the stand, we see a bright future for Absen in Finland.”

Summing up on these events in Scandinavia, Absen Europe’s Managing Director, Ruben Rengel commented: “The development of the Absen brand in this region reflects Absen’s strategy in Europe to support local markets with the best local relays and distributors.” He concluded: “Since Absen settled into our European base in Germany three years ago, we have managed to build fantastic relationships with distributors in key European markets. With Dial-iT and Audico in Sweden and Finland respectively, the support for Absen in Scandinavia is only going to become stronger.”