Laserworld releases CS-24.000RGB FX laser

Laserworld has announced the release of the powerful Laserworld CS-24.000RGB FX, which is a 22W show laser light system with an additional integrated effect grating wheel.

The CS-24.000RGB FX is an analogue modulated laser and thus can create hundreds of different colour shades, including white.

It is capable of doing basic graphics due to the fast scanners, but its main fields of application are large nightclubs, smaller festivals, and small concerts.

The Laserworld CS-24.000RGB FX can be operated in stand-alone mode, sound-to-light or via DMX. It also has an ILDA input for using professional computer control. The built-in effects grating can either be switched with DMX, also in addition to ILDA control, or it can be set to switch automatically.

There are three effects gratings included – radial, line, and burst – which multiply the projection and spread the projection over a wide angle. Of course, the CS-24.000RGB can be used just as a normal laser system without the effects gratings being switched.

The mounting bracket is designed in a way that it can be rotated 360° to allow for hanging as well as standing operation of the laser.