Kingston University is Equipped for Success

When managers at the prestigious Kingston University decided to upgrade their AV systems from the analogue to the digital world, they knew that choosing the right partners would be key to their success. So the university, which was recently ranked among the top 15-percent of higher education institutions in the world, turned to leading systems integrator GV Multimedia for a Harman-centric solution. Featuring AMX and JBL technology, the new university system was designed to ensure that its technology credentials are every bit as impressive as its credentials in education.
Composed of four campuses each with its own distinct character, Kingston University boasts an impressive range of teaching and learning resources, including a blend of traditional and modern buildings which house lecture theatres and teaching rooms plus a range of flexible spaces which can be zoned for different types of learning activity. To ensure that it continued toward fulfilling its ambition to become a university of choice for students who want to thrive in an interconnected world, Kingston University knew that it needed to migrate to a digital system.
“The success of this project is testament to the strength of the working partnership between Kingston University, GV Multimedia and HARMAN,” said Simon Harrison, CIO, Kingston University. “The resultant system has greatly enhanced the quality of the teaching here at Kingston by giving lecturers a friction-free and consistent user experience, no matter what equipment they are using or what room they are in. The technology has also contributed to greater operating efficiencies across the whole facility.”
Working in close collaboration with Harman and Kingston University, GV Multimedia has harnessed award-winning AMX Enova technology to deliver a system designed to ease the university’s digital transition and solve the complexity of managing its connected devices in a reliable, consistent and scalable way. Sitting at the heart of this impressive installation, Enova DVX presentation switchers deliver a cost-effective room solution that’s easy to scale, configure, install and use. All-in-one controllers, AV switchers, scalers, analogue to digital signal converters, twisted pair transmitters, amplifiers and professional grade audio processors, these compact 3U presentation switchers afford Kingston University the ability to control and automate any room environment. In addition to delivering an impressive array of room-level capabilities, the DVXs, with their embedded NetLinx controllers, offer many advanced networking features allowing for the central management of the entire system.
Thanks to the inherent scalability of the AMX technology, GV Multimedia has been able to roll out and deploy no fewer than 122 rooms in an incredibly time-efficient and cost-effective way by applying what is proving to be a highly successful technological formula. Rooms are classified as either lecture theatres or medium to large rooms, and given a technical specification to suit. Common to all rooms, regardless of size or function, is the combination of AMX Enova DVX and Modero S Series touch panel. The lecture theatres, which have a higher AV specification, also boast state-of-the-art HARMAN JBL 7:2 surround sound systems. The result for Kingston University is a flexible solution they can standardize across their mixed estate, with the reassurance of knowing it can be appropriately scaled to match the needs of each room type.