John Maier – Bose Professional

Earlier this year, Bose Corporation announced the sale of its Bose Professional division to private equity firm Transom Capital Group (Transom), effectively making Bose Professional its own standalone company. Soon after, Transom appointed John Maier as CEO of Bose Professional. Here, Maier discusses his background in the industry, his role in the transition, and the ideas, vision and excitement he has for Bose Professional moving forward.

“Bose Professional has been a part of Bose Corporation for more than 50 years, and I like to joke internally that in a way Bose Professional has been something of a ‘pirate ship’ within Bose, because it is a very specific channel with specific customers, yet there is a lot of brand crossover.

Consumers of headphones or home speakers may recognise the Bose name on products used in restaurants, hotels or stadiums, but those products and its customers are very different because it’s a very technical sale.

A few years ago, Bose Corporation made the decision to sell the Professional division – quite a big deal since it’s not often a leading global brand sells off a successful part of itself.

Transom Capital Group was the partner selected, and effective 1 April of this year, Bose Professional is owned by Transom. Since then, we have worked quickly in the background to move through the steps required to carve out Bose Professional as an independent company.”

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