Projection: What’s the attraction?

With guest expectations at an all-time high, it’s never been more important for visitor attractions businesses to invest in the right technologies...

Mark Wadsworth, Vice President of Global Marketing for Digital Projection, examines the popularity of projection in visitor attractions.

From theme parks to museums, galleries, heritage sites and resorts, demand for interactive, participatory attractions has led to the development of immersive AV technology that places the visitor inside the show – with projection, despite recent challenges, continuing to offer the best experience for companies operating in this important industry vertical.

Why Projection?

Despite the popularity of alternative display technologies, such as LED, in other sectors, projection remains by far the most suitable technology for museums, visitor attractions, art exhibitions and other cultural sites, given its unique mapping, blending and 3D capabilities. 

People are no longer content to view an exhibit or attraction passively – they want to be immersed in it, exist within it, and interact with the attraction and its content – and it is projected images, with their unrivalled image quality, ability to completely fill a visitor’s field of view, and suitability for mapping onto buildings and irregular shapes, that provide the optimum means of delivering this experience.

Read the full interview in issue 33.5 of MONDO-DR here.