International Audio Group Announces the Appointment of Steve Hutt

International Audio Group has announced the appointment of industry veteran Steve Hutt to Director of R&D. With more than 30 years in the professional audio business, Steve chairs the AES standards and technical committees on loudspeakers, has authored numerous AES technical papers and holds 15 Patents. He comes to Wharfedale Pro having spent time spent in technical and leadership roles at Harman, THX and Eighteen Sound.

IAG Director, Tim Chang stated: “Steve actually joined Wharfedale Pro mid-2015 and we’re thrilled to bundle this strategically delayed news along with the tangible results shown since he took over R&D. With 29 new speaker products to be unveiled at PL&S, we have never before had such an array of fantastic new products on our booth.”

Steve said: “As a division of IAG, Wharfedale Pro is in a unique position with its extraordinary vertical integration where we build not just the box and speaker, but “everything” in house. Very few pro audio systems companies still manufacture their own woofers and compression drivers let alone cones, spiders, voice-coils and HF domes – not to mention amplifiers and DSP electronics. We are releasing numerous new products this year, leveraging this in-house capability to bring a new level of high performance systems to the Wharfedale Pro catalogue.”