Inspiring Imaginations with Urbanscreen

© AV Stumpfl © Urban Screen

Bremen-based interdisciplinary digital video artists Urbanscreen use AV Stumpfl Wings media servers in the design phase for global media installations including leading cultural institutions, public spaces and architectural spectaculars.

One such creation is theKlubhaus St Paul, Hamburg. Thorsten Bauer, creative director at Urbunscreen, said: “The Klubhaus is a one-of a kind media architecture where the virtual and the material layer merge to a coherent appearance that is very iconic and at the same time versatile.

“We use AV Stumpfl Wings to manage outputs and accurately ‘wrap’ images to fit on building models for client presentation. It’s a really effective tool.”

Tobias Stumpfl, CEO at AV Stumpfl, explained: “It’s great to see Urbanscreen put our technology to test as an integral part of this breath-taking display and smart building project.”