Imago Sonas Now Distributing Analogue Way’s Solutions to System Integrators

Imago Sonas is a leading supplier of audio visual solutions for audio visual integrators, in Denmark. With an advanced technical know-how and superior quality of post-sales services, the company provides the best solutions from meeting rooms to theatres to auditoriums to large-scale integrations.

Effective now, Imago Sonas will be in charge of the distribution of Analog Way products for system integration companies in Denmark. The company will specifically distribute Analog Way’s LiveCore series, a full range of scalable mixers and seamless switchers for premium integrations.

For better interoperability, Analogue Way also provides software and system integration tools, including driver’s and programmer’s guides. This ensures operators will have a very short learning curve before they can take full advantage of the system.

John De Cet, EMEA Sales Director, at Analog Way, commented on the new partnership with Imago Sonas, “Analogue Way has been involved in major Integration projects in Denmark recently. Thanks to our partnership with Imago Sonas, we are looking forward to expanding our presence in Denmark as well as offering more support to our Danish customers.”

Mads Nørskov, Sales Director at Imago Sonas explained the benefit this new partnership with Analog Way will have: “Analogue Way already has a strong reputation in Denmark. Their product range fits perfectly with the product mix we have at Imago Sonas. We know with Analogue Way on board, we’ll see a strengthening in our portfolio. We are looking forward to helping Analog Way to grow their presence even more in Denmark.”