I Spy NEXO in Moscow

The prestigious Spy Moscow Club in the city’s Triumphal Square has made a most careful choice of a new sound system, demanding a tight specification that could only be met by a matched system of NEXO GEO S12 and PS Series loudspeakers.

The installation was completed by DJSOUND Company, which had to design a system that fitted with the superior aesthetic of the club interior, yet meet the most stringent audio performance requirements. “The system had to provide uniform coverage with awesome sound quality,” explains Gulya Zaripova of NEXO’s Russian distributor SIM. “The Spy Moscow club has a varied itinerary of entertainments and events; live music, DJs and karaoke, as well as background music, so the system had to work across all those applications. And the club wanted it installed within very tight deadlines.”

For the live music stage, a main PA of GEO S12 Series was selected, together with RS18 subbass. In the VIP zones, a combination of NEXO PS8 and PS10-R2 speakers were fitted. All speakers are powered by NXAMP4x4 and NXAMP 4×1 amplifiers, set up for plug ‘n’ play.

The design of the system allows the main PA to adapt easily between the club’s different modes. DJSOUND Company installed a mobile rail suspension system that allows the system to be oriented speedily between live music and karaoke and ‘club’ set-ups