Herr Nilsen Jazz Club Get’s Full VUE Makeover

Located just a few metres from the Oslo Nye and The Norwegian Theatres, Herr Nilsen Jazz Club is an intimate club to enjoy internationally recognised jazz talent from around the globe. 2018 marked the club’s 25th year, and with a spirit of celebration, club owner Espen Nilsen set his sights on the future with a state-of-the-art audio update from VUE and Oslo-based integrator avon.

Completed in late 2018, Herr Nilsen’s finished design includes four VUE h-208 high-definition systems with VUE’s trademark beryllium high-frequency components. The h-208’s low profile design and versatile mounting options made them the ideal fit for the club’s intimate environment and low ceiling height. To accommodate the “L” shaped layout of the room, avon configured the four h-208’s into two stereo zones and mounted them above the main stage. A pair of VUE h-5s provide front fill, while low frequency comes courtesy of two hs-25 dual 15-inch ACM subwoofers–also mounted above the stage between the h-208s.

Extending coverage to the bar area are two VUE e-352 Architectural Element Systems. Four V4 Systems Engines provide power for the h-Class speakers. As an added benefit, the client also has access to end-user level controls like mute, sleep, input, EQ and shaping; given the system’s performance and precision, there is no need for house EQ adjustments.

“We have a discerning audience of genuine jazz enthusiasts who come here to listen, rather than just socialise,” explained Espen. “Our guests want to connect with the artists in an intimate setting. They appreciate a premium experience and our VUE Audio system is a critical piece in that equation.”

Espen continued, “With the new system I hear a big difference overall. I can especially hear the vowel sounds coming through a lot clearer than before. Even when we turn the system up to accommodate a packed house or different styles of music, the clarity and detail are always there. I couldn’t be more pleased. Even our guests have commented.”

avon owner and principal system designer, Edgar Andraa Lien, was quick to equate Herr Nilsen’s upgrade to buying a modern car after driving the same old model for 30 years. “Mr Nilsen has literally traded decades-old technology for a state-of-the-art system that offers the best in modern amenities, such as DSP, networking, and beryllium high-frequency drivers. Imagine buying your first new car after driving something designed three or four decades ago. It’s a completely different experience with today’s technology, and that’s what we’ve created here.”