Heng Mao Invests in Prolyte B100RV Truss

Heng Mao invests in Prolyte B100RV truss Looking for a recognised brand to reflect the company’s high quality reputation, Heng Mao selected Prolyte to supply B100RV truss for its expanding rigging department.

Heng Mao is one of the main players for rental of truss constructions and hardware integration in the event and touring industry in Taiwan. With a wish to grow and further expand their business, they were looking to invest in truss with a high loading capacity for their rigging department.

As Mr. Su Xin Bin, Managing Director of Heng Mao explained: “Our company has a reputation for delivering top-notch services to its customers. Safe working practices are a high priority within the company, further more the requirements for truss constructions are getting more and more challenging as the demand for complicated set ups and ever increasing loads grow. We also see a growing demand from the organisers or producers to comply to international standards. It didn’t take us long to decide for Prolyte – the brand has an excellent reputation and track-record.”

Meeting with Loong Yee Hing, Sales Representative for Prolyte Asia Pacific, in Taipei Heng Mao requirements were discussed and an investment plan was drawn up.

Loong Yee also provided comments: ”For Prolyte it’s always important to look closely into a customer’s needs, not only their current requirements, but also to see their future demands and find solutions with that in mind. You don’t invest in our products for the short term – it’s always a long term relationship you start then and there.”

Heng Mao firstly will invest in the B100RV truss. Due to its 4-sided webbing the B100RV truss can absorb vertical as well as horizontal loads, which makes it ideal for outdoor or 3 dimensional structures.

Starting with the high capacity B100RV truss, Heng Mao will be able to expand its rigging inventory towards the future with a tower system, LED support system or even a roof system, all using the same B100RV truss. This will make it a very efficient investment.