GLP Premieres KNV System at Sea

Photo: Manfred Vogel

As part of a staged event at the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg, the first LPG-powered cruise ship, the AIDAnova, received its formal baptism. This marked the world premiere of the full production version of GLP’s new KNV system.

Light and lasers combined to slowly bring the 337m long and 70m high ship to life. The backbone of the imposing, and slowly revealing staging, which culminated in a golden firework display, was formed by a matrix consisting of 300 GLP KNV modules. These had been placed at irregular intervals on the balcony railings of AIDAnova.

The Berlin artist collective phase7, based around director Sven Sören Beyer, had already inspired the general public and professionals alike with their staging of the AIDAprima’s baptism two years ago. For AIDAnova the task was now to create a completely new concept in cooperation with EAST END COMMUNICATIONS and Vivica Seybold of AIDA Cruises together with Jasper Poensgen from Jasper Poensgen Projects. After initial ideas had been developed jointly by the two Opus award winners, Sven Sören Beyer and lighting designer Björn Hermann, they began their search for innovative technology.

“When GLP Key Account Manager Oliver Schwendke introduced us to the first KNV prototypes at the beginning of the year, this new GLP product immediately hit a nerve, without us knowing what we intended to do, “Björn Hermann recalled. “We were looking for something like this. We had a vision that would match the sublime, friendly character of the nocturnal golden-glittering Eiffel Tower; people all over the world love that special, magical sparkle that emanates from it, and we wanted to showcase that same wow factor to the AIDA family.”

The new modular GLP KNV LED systems combined strobe, blinder and pixel block functions. Each module has 25 pixels, each consisting of a high power LED in white and surrounded by a ring of 16 RGB LEDs. The white LED offers maximum brightness and effect, while the ring is available for creative effects and backlighting. In total, every GLP KNV module reaches a massive output of 50,000 lm. Two powerful FX engines ensure easy and safe control, while the individual control of the pixels is via 202 16-bit channels per module.

GLP KNV modules are available in two basic forms. At the launch of the AIDAnova, only the cube-shaped GLP KNV variant was used. The second basic form—the GLP KNV Arc—has the shape of an eighth-circle and can (like the cubes) be connected seamlessly with other modules to allow unlimited combinations. The modules can thus be used as a single device or be connected to large related shapes, structures, such as wavy lines or giant matrices.

In the great finale of the ship’s inauguration, the golden glittering GLP KNV matrix merged with the golden rain of the fireworks and the reflections of the harbour basin to create a unique and unforgettable picture. “I have never seen such a bright and powerful LED fixture,” emphasised Sven Sören Beyer: “Moreover, the KNV modules proved to be very flexible in the number of expressive possibilities. KNV is not only a powerful stroboscope but a really creative tool.”

The christening of the AIDAnova was the first use of the production version of GLP KNV, after successfully being field tested in advance, both at the Eurovision Song Contest and the Nature One Festival.

Most of the GLP KNV modules used in Papenburg came from the dry-hire portfolio of Motion GmbH, and are therefore now available on the German rental market.