ETC Mourns Bullen Lagerbielke

ETC is morning the loss of Pontus “Bullen” Lagerbielke, who passed away following a battle against cancer. A professional Lighting Designer, Console Programmer and Media Server Wizard, he truly loved working in this industry.

He was an extremely valued member of the ETC Cobalt development team, and was also involved in the development of Congo.

Sarah Clausen, who was a close personal friend as well as colleague, said: “Bullen has been an incredibly valuable contributor to the development of ETC lighting control products. He brought real-world production experience to the table every time we discussed the further development of both families, and through his wisdom affected every Congo and Cobalt user’s experience in a positive way.

“He was well known as a teacher and as a support resource for all users in Sweden. Bullen was a pioneer among European lighting designers in embracing moving lights and media server technology for large music productions. His knowledge and experience are thought by his colleagues to stem from an abundance of creativity and patience, insatiable curiosity and a will to cross technical and artistic boundaries, not least in his grim and purposeful sense of humour.

“He is fondly remembered for his pragmatic approach and will to fearlessly bring beta software on tour to test its limits. He will be remembered for his passion for the art of lighting and high professionalism as much as his humour, great personality and friendship.”

He will be sorely missed.