Elation and Thunder City transform arena with lighting upgrade

Thunder City Production Solutions teamed with Elation lighting to bring a transformative lighting experience to the iconic arena, Tampa’s Yuengling Center.

When Thunder City Pro took on the challenge of revamping the Yuengling Center’s lighting, they strategically selected Elation Fuze SFX LED Spot FX luminaires and Rayzor 760 wash effect moving heads to take center stage. Justin Stancil, President of Thunder City, highlighted the upgrade: “They’ve gone from a very limited system to a nice center-hung rig of very versatile, dynamic lights.”

The Fuze SFX’s versatile capabilities, combining spot, beam, and wash functions, perfectly aligned with the dynamic range of events hosted at the centre, offering a wide spectrum of lighting effects to match every occasion. Stancil noted the high quality of the lights: “The SFX still rocked, even with the game lights on, and white, yellow, and green (USF colours) was super visible.” Each Fuze SFX fixture is equipped with custom USF gobos.

The Fuze SFX, boasting over 12,000 lumens, stands as a powerful yet energy-efficient luminaire, drawing a maximum of 432W. This power spot perfectly aligned with the electrical setup, which offered 4 x 20-amp circuits at 120V, and stayed comfortably within the 80% load limit.

Complementing the Fuze SFX, the Rayzor 760’s high-speed movement and intense output provide the impactful wash and captivating eye-candy lens effects needed to captivate the audience. Stancil praised the background SparkLED effect in the Rayzors and highlighted their versatility: “I love the SparkLED effect. We do ballyhoos and breaks over the audience with a time-coded intro, but we can also zoom them all the way out and bring the seven RGBW pixels down to two percent and throw in the SparkLEDs for eye-candy toward the audience without affecting play.”

Enhancing the immersive experience is a pair of Magmatic Sidewinders, high-velocity CO2 simulator fog machines placed 20 feet inside an intro tunnel that teams run through prior to each game.

Tying all of these elements together is an Obsidian NX2 lighting console with remote X-Net control, offering efficient but complex programming of amazing lighting effects. Utilizing the console’s built-in DyLOS pixel composer, the NX2 can map the RGBW and SparkLEDs on the Rayzor 760s to create some amazing visuals for the audience. Additionally, a pair of NETRON EN4 DMX nodes using sACN are used for data distribution.

Thunder City Pro’s equipment selection reflects their commitment to delivering an unparalleled immersive atmosphere, bringing the Yuengling Center’s sporting and entertainment events to a whole new level.