WORK PRO upgrades Synthea Range of amplifiers

Equipson has introduced new features to its range of Synthea multi-purpose amplifiers, the latest additions to its expanded WORK PRO brand.

Specifically designed for AV installations, Synthea amplifiers allow users to explore a universe of sound possibilities thanks to their integrated DSP technology and web control. The versatility of this amplifier range makes it ideally suited to various events/venues.

Operating in low impedance (4-16 ohm) and high impedance (70V/100V), the Synthea range offers several different channel and power output options for maximum flexibility. Fully integrated DSP is controlled via TCP/IP, GPIOs and S/PDIF in/out, which means that signals can be mixed to any output with ease, making it very straightforward to link multiple amps in a larger installation.

Equipson has steadily improved both the firmware and software so that the entire range now offers even more flexibility. Alongside existing DSP functionality, users can now combine input sources in two or four separate mixes and configure any output to High or Low impedance.

Other new features include Talk Over (Ducking) with Priority Routing and the inclusion of an Input High Pass Filter and Output Routing (SPDIF). Equipson has also updated SYNTHEA’s generator to include pink noise and sine wave, and incorporated a Band Pass Filter and 5-band parametric EQ on each analogue input.

There are four Synthea models available, including:

  • Synthea 2125, which offers two channels with 125W of power each or one channel with 250W, is ideally suited to smaller sound systems where a clear and detailed sound is required.
  • Synthea 2500, which also provides two channels but with a higher power output of 500W per channel or one channel of 1000W.
  • Synthea 4125, which provides four channels of 125W each or two channels of 250W. This amplifier is ideal for sound systems that require multiple speakers.
  • Synthea 4500, which provides four channels of 500W each or two channels of 1000W. This is the most powerful amplifier in the range and is suitable for large venues where a high volume and powerful sound are required.