Dushow Invests in RoboSpots

Dushow has bought 20 Robe RoboSpot remote follow spotting systems.

Commercial Director Christian Lorenzi commented: “We see this as a big innovation in the follow spotting world. It’s very flexible and gives everyone involved in staging all types of shows many more options.”

The RoboSpot system comprises a BaseStation and a MotionCamera that communicate via DMX with no latency and enable several of Robe’s most popular moving lights – including, currently, the BMFL Spot, BMFL Blade, BMFL WashBeam, DL7S Profile, DL4S Profile, MegaPointe and Pointe – to be controlled from anywhere in a venue or space.

The RoboSpot MotionCamera is available either as a separate unit or integrally on the BMFL Follow Spot fixture, a modified version of Robe’s signature high-powered luminaire. A video stream sent to the BaseStation allows the operator a ‘first person view’ of the performers onstage.

This can enhance the look of the show or presentation by enabling very tight and controlled spotlight beams and enables LDs, designers and show directors to position follow spots in positions where it would not be practical or physically possible to have an operated follow spot.

The 20 Dushow BaseStations and 20 MotionCameras were purchased for three specific tours, and will now be available in rental stock. Lighting designer Thomas Dechandon utilised three RoboSpot BaseStations to control six BMFL Blades on the most recent tour by legendary French rockers Indochine.

For French singer / songwriters Vianney’s tour, LDs Alex Bucher and Benjamin Gottini used a RoboSpot base station to control a single BMFL Follow Spot (with the MotionCamera camera on-board). On the Shaka Ponk tour, lighting designer Alex Bucher specified a pair of RoboSpot BaseStations to control two BMFL Follow Spots.

All the LDs involved could realise designs where using a traditional follow spot would have been a major challenge. In each case, the RoboSpot operators reported that they quickly picked up the essence of operating the system, whether they were experienced or complete novices in the art of follow spotting.

Following a series of comprehensive demonstrations arranged through Robe France, Dushow first purchased six RoboSpot BaseStations and MotionCameras to trial and road-test the system thoroughly. This was a great success; so 14 additional systems were ordered and delivered in record time by Robe’s Paris-based French subsidiary to service these three popular tours.

Christian concluded: “For me right now, Robe is the brand to have on-board. The products are high quality, reliable, versatile and well-engineered – and Robe is what LDs and specifiers are asking for constantly”.