DPA Microphones Adds New 6000 Series Accessories for Increased Creative Possibilities

DPA Microphones’ 6000 Series of subminiature lavaliers now provide even more versatility with the addition of two new accessories―an eight-way double clip and a paintable cap. Utilizing the innovative ‘CORE by DPA’ technology in a compact three-millimeter (0.12 inches) capsule, sound professionals around the world have taken notice of the big sound that comes from the compact size of the 6000 Series mics.

Designed to provide an extra level of stability and flexibility, the eight-way clip offers a 360-degree clipping solution with eight positions in 45-degree increments. This not only makes it possible to quickly and securely clip the mic on both left- and right-button shirts, but also the neckline of T-shirts and blouses. With the double-mic element, users also have the ability to add two mics, for redundancy – giving an extra level of security during filming and live broadcasts.

Used in place of the standard 6000 Series grid, the paintable cap can easily be painted or covered in makeup, allowing for unlimited visual creativity for both film and theatre productions. Safe to use with most paints and makeups typically used in film and theatre, the cap is available in white. The versatility of the paintable cap means that it can also be used as is, as a white mic in the buttonhole of a white shirt or mounted in the white eight-way clip for subminiature mics.

Both solutions are currently available for purchase. For more information on the 6000 Series CORE Microphones, please visit www.dpamicrophones.com/6060 or contact a local dealer.