District Tap House Taps Renkus-Heinz

What do the Empire State Building, UN headquarters, Times Square, Broadway,
the Museum of Modern Art, Carnegie Hall, and the District Tap House have in common? They’re all in midtown Manhattan, the largest commercial, entertainment, and media center in the USA-and they’re all worth visiting.

If you’re in midtown, or you’re planning a special event in Manhattan, and you crave great craft beer and excellent, locally sourced food (by renowned chef Harrison Mosher), head for the District Tap House. Your tastebuds will be delighted-and so will your ears, thanks to the District Tap House’s new Renkus-Heinz loudspeaker system.

“The Tap House looks like the classic New York pub that it is,” offered Cardone Solomon & Associates sales representative Rich Trombitas. “It’s a long, narrow space with lots of brick and rich, dark wood, high ceilings, plenty of glass, and a handsome, old-fashioned wooden bar.” It’s warm and welcoming but a challenging acoustic environment. “The management wanted to ensure patrons could enjoy great-sounding music at a reasonable level and still hold a conversation,” Rich explained. “Achieving that requires loudspeakers with tight pattern control and outstanding clarity. That’s why my top Manhattan pub contractor, Starview Satellite, leads with Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers.”

Starview strategically positioned 16 Renkus-Heinz TRX82 two-way complex conic loudspeakers throughout the room. These compact, passive loudspeaker systems feature dual eight-inch, heavy-duty low-frequency drivers and a one-inch, extended-range, titanium high-frequency driver and range from 60Hz to 18kHz. Several TRX82s were placed above the back of the bar, positioned horizontally and spaced about six feet apart, while other TRX82s cover a small area of tables by the front windows, the booths and tables across from the bar, and the rear of the room.

We had the client do some acoustic treatment, so the sonic signature of the room is nicer than you’d expect,” noted Rich. “With that, and the TRX82’s tight pattern control, plus the speaker’s ability to deliver extremely clear, natural sound, we were able to fully meet the client’s goals. The TRX82 can get quite loud, but it sounds great at lower levels, too, so it works for a quieter day crowd and for a rowdy evening crowd.”

Sub-lows are handled by three Renkus-Heinz BPS12-2 dual 12-inch bandpass subwoofers. “The BPS-12 gives you very tight bass with excellent transient response, and it can deliver up to 129 dB of sub-bass,” reported Rich. “It is flat from 35 Hz to 100 Hz, and it works very well with the TRX82. We integrated the subwoofers into the architecture the best we could, which sometimes wasn’t easy. For instance, we have a subwoofer installed by a stairwell, and another is sitting against a wall buttressed by a support column-but they look good there.” The system is by managed with a Symetrix Solus-series DSP.

The Renkus-Heinz system is a big hit at the District Tap House. “They love the new sound system,” Rich confirmed. “It’s everything they wanted and more.” If you’re in midtown, he insists, you should stop by for a brew and a meal. “The food is great-and so is the sound!”