DEMOA Partners with Renkus-Heinz to Ensure Premium Loudspeaker Solutions are Available Across France

Renkus-Heinz, manufacturer of professional loudspeakers, is partnering with DEMOA to bring premium sound offerings to France. The move puts Renkus-Heinz solutions in the hands of more integrators and end users – allowing for quality sound to be placed precisely where you want it most: on the audience.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with DEMOA to help AV consultants, integrators and architects in France” said Michal Poplawski, European Technical Sales Manager at Renkus-Heinz. “DEMOA is a rapidly growing team of well-known and respected talents in the country, and will offer a specialist approach to supporting audio professionals and end users seeking to place high-quality audio with precision.”

DEMOA specializes in professional audio and video solutions across markets that dovetail well with Renkus-Heinz’ mission to place sound precisely on the audience. This includes work in the education, hospitality, corporate, live performance and sports facilities space. Highlights from their list of recent projects includes the five-star Hotel Manali, the St. Etienne City Stadium, Rolland Garros Stadium, and GAIA Restaurant.

Renkus-Heinz has provided premium loudspeaker solutions for more than 40 years, and for more than a decade has worked to perfect digital beam steering technology. These steerable solutions allow for audio to be positioned in any room – keeping the focus off any architectural peculiarities or reverberant surfaces, and instead placing it precisely where you want it: on the audience. With supporting tools – from robust software suites to elegant Android and iOS applications – the integrator and end user is put in total control of their loudspeaker systems.

“The French market will greatly benefit from this partnership as Renkus-Heinz crafts impressive, high-end solutions that bring a technical advantage to audio integrations,” said Etienne Bérard, CEO at DEMOA. “By bringing these incredibly valuable products to our customers, organizations in France will have better sounding AV systems – and customers of those organizations will have access to a better sounding world!”