Cymatic Audio Appoints Riverside Audio as Exclusive UK Sales Agent

Nick Longland

Cymatic Audio, manufacturers of high quality, Swiss-engineered recording, playback and networking devices, is delighted to announce the appointment of Riverside Audio to handle the exclusive sales representation of all Cymatic products throughout the UK, effective January 1st, 2018.

Riverside Audio is headed up by UK sales veteran, Nick Longland, whose background in the MI and pro audio industry spans almost 20 years, including nearly thirteen years with Sennheiser UK. During that time, he has gained an immense knowledge of the industry and built strong relationships with his customers.

Cymatic Audio CEO, Arie van den Broek, is pleased to welcome Nick to the team. “Nick’s experience and vast network of contacts in the UK across both MI and pro audio markets make him ideally placed to represent Cymatic products in the UK,” commented Arie. “His personal and personable approach and ‘rep firm’ business model are a perfect fit for us, and we are looking forward to a mutually profitable working relationship.”

Nick is equally pleased. “In setting up Riverside Audio, my aim was simple,” he explained. “My role is to provide the best, no-nonsense sales service whilst looking for efficient ways to sell through. Key to my success is in selecting high quality brands to represent, and Cymatic Audio is a perfect example: I was immediately impressed, not only by the existing product range, but also by Cymatic’s forward-thinking approach to technology and their strategy of introducing products to the market that are real solution-providers without breaking the bank.”

Riverside Audio will be taking sole UK sales responsibility for the brand from January 1st, 2018. Nick’s immediate priorities will be to restructure the current dealer network in addition to running UK training programs and developing product awareness campaigns to serve local marketing needs.

About Cymatic Audio – the home of live players and recorders

Cymatic Audio, established in 2013, is gaining recognition for its task-specific audio interfaces that virtually eliminate the complications inherent to most hi-tech electronics. Our aim is to cut to the chase, simplifying the process to reduce learning curves in providing professionals with the necessary tools to produce high quality work.

Launched by a team of seasoned industry veterans, Cymatic Audio proves that less is often more. Swiss engineering ensures outstanding quality products designed to deliver exceptional ease-of-use, forward-thinking compatibility and hassle-free connectivity. Simple and careful engineering also means that Cymatic products reach the market at reasonable prices.

In 2016, Cymatic Audio became pioneers in the domain of networked audio, releasing products integrating AUDIOLAN (by Archwave) and promoting the adoption of the AES67 open standard. Cymatic Audio is a RAVENNA partner.

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