Community Meets the Multi-Purpose Requirements of Storhamar High School

Lindbak AS Gjovik has recently completed the installation of an audio system for the new multi-purpose atrium of Storhamar High School in Hamar, Norway. The large atrium will serve an important function as a meeting point for teachers and students, as well as providing a valuable new space for AV presentations, cultural and educational events and open meetings.

Built between two existing main buildings and bounded by a lunch area and library, the new atrium measures 25 by 35 metres and has a ceiling height of 11 metres. “With such a ceiling height and with the reflective surfaces of the atrium it was clear the best solution would be a high quality line source column system,” said System Designer Bjørn Fjeld of Norsk Lydteknikk AS.

Supported by EASE analysis, Bjørn designed a system using Community ENTASYS high performance loudspeakers. He explained: “To provide a system that was truly full-range and multi-purpose we used ENT-FR full-range and ENT-LF low frequency column line source loudspeakers left and right, with a powerful Community VLF212 dual 12-inch subwoofer providing LF extension and impact.”

Central to the system’s operation is a Symetrix Jupiter8. This acts as an auto mixer for line inputs and for two wireless mics used with AV presentations and open meetings. The system also serves cultural and educational events, so two of the DSP mixer channels are set for external live/fader inputs, leaving the DSP mixer acting only as a speaker processor. The system is powered by Ecler DPA2000 amplifiers, bridged for left, right and sub and delivering 1800W into each channel.

Andri Magnusson, the Project Manager at Lindbak AS, was pleased that the final result was fully compliant in meeting the specification set by the school. Bjørn concluded: “The Symetrix provided the simplicity and flexibility required and the ENTASYS loudspeakers met the acoustic challenges. The sound quality, intelligibility and coverage are excellent and the school now has a true multi-use space.”