Clair Brothers Takes to First Club

Chinese nightclub brand First Club has aimed to create a high-octane electric dance music experiences and therefore choose to collaborate with Clair Brothers.

“Their reputation for audio innovation and excellent service is world-renowned,” explained Feng Min, First Club general manager. “This collaboration marks the first time that Clair Brothers have produced a speaker cabinet with integrated branding designed specifically by an entertainment chain anywhere in the world.” The result is Clair Brothers kiTCurve12 speakers customised with the First Club logo prominently displayed on the grills.

Integral to the brand architecture is the Clair Brothers custom-designed sound system that includes the Clair Brothers kiT12, kiTCurve12, FF2-HX, CS-218, CB-FP14000/10000+ and CB-LM26 models. The result is a sound with special attention being paid to treble transparency, low-frequency flexibility and high energy. The system is augmented by Lake processing on the kiT12 making it more powerful.

First Club is a growing chain, currently with three venues open for business. A crucial attribute of this custom Clair Brothers system is its versatility within all three spaces. While each First Club is slightly different in layout, the sound system is purposefully flexible to enable each venue to offer consistency of the signature experience.