Clair Brothers Rocks Community Church

Leaving no detail to chance, Ben Carson, Rock Community’s technical director along with other key church decision makers choose the best available partners to help construct as close to a perfect house of worship as possible, from the physical design of the building all the way to the sound system that delivers their powerfully contemporary sermons and live music performances. So, it makes sense that Clair Brothers speakers were the unanimous sound system choice for Rock Community church.

To make a greater impact through the additional land, flexible building design and dynamic performance systems the church hired Kurt Butler, visionary engineering consultant and president of Butler Engineering & Technology Group (BETG) to help lead the way. Noted Mr. Butler, “The AVL and acoustics installation at the church was designed to be an inclusive and intimate experience for the congregation, so everything related to the systems we installed were measured against that metric.” It was BETG and a design team of architects that initially formulated a package that would shape the worship centre in a specific way, mating performance systems to optimize coverage, sound pressure, sightlines, etc. Once Clair Brothers earned the work, system coordination and design optimization occurred through BETG and Clair Solutions collaboration.

“The Clair Brothers system, comprised of three arrays made up of i208 three-way active eight-inch loudspeakers coupled with CS118 subwoofers, exceeded performance specifications and offered a very competitive price point,” Butler adds. “During construction, some of the building safety systems affected acoustical dynamics in the main room. We needed to rely on the sound system to deliver the program regardless of the altered acoustic profile, which it does beautifully.” Other critical components of the install include products from QSC, Sennheiser, Digital Audio Labs and Yamaha. “The entire campus – the lobby, classroom, and dedicated worship spaces for youth and children’s ministries were all part of the installation,” Butler concluded.

Mr. Carson added: “We’re all so pleased that Kurt Butler and his team specified such high-level equipment for our church. The Clair Brothers gear provides wonderfully even coverage and impressive clarity. When the spoken word is of utmost importance, the speaker system must deliver! The program we offer will often have up to twelve people onstage with a full range of instrumentation. The dynamic range of this system to support a wide variety of program content absolutely hits the target.”