Charleston’s Trio Nightclub Upgrades with DAS Audio

Trio, Charleston’s downtown dance club and lounge has a new owner, a million-dollar renovation, and a lineup of internationally recognised DJs. Renovations include a technologically-advanced light and video production system and DAS Audio loudspeakers throughout.

In addition to the loudspeakers from the company’s Artec and Vantec product lines, Trio also serves as a ‘proving ground’ for the forthcoming E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio loudspeakers. iDesign Miami, was contracted to design and deploy the new sound reinforcement systems throughout Trio. Michael Meacham, the company’s owner and lead designer explained that “Trio includes an upstairs club, a downstairs lounge, plus an outdoor patio area – all of which totals approximately 6,400 sq ft of space. The club focuses on a combination of different music styles and live music performances. Because of the emphasis on live music, it was important to deploy loudspeakers that had accurate reproduction and solid dispersion characteristics so that the sound would be evenly distributed throughout the spaces”.

In the first-floor lounge area, the iDesign team deployed four DAS Audio Artec 310.96 two-way point source loudspeaker enclosures. For low frequency reinforcement, there are also two DAS Vantec 18 bass reflex subwoofer systems. This combination of loudspeakers was installed in a mono configuration. In the second-floor nightclub area, Michael and his installation team deployed the forthcoming E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio loudspeakers. Here, four ES-10 top boxes surround the dance floor at a height of 12 ft in a true four-point stereo configuration. These are augmented by a pair of DAS ES-218 subwoofer bass enclosures that are coupled in front of the DJ – underneath the stage – in a mono configuration. Completing the setup, there are also two DAS Audio Artec-308 two-way point source enclosures that serve as sidefills.

When queried about the attributes that made the various DAS Audio loudspeakers so well-suited for use at Trio, Michael commented: “The dispersion of the ES-10 is 110º horizontal X 50º vertical. The loudspeaker delivers extremely smooth clarity throughout the high frequency and the 10-inch subwoofer handles 1,000W of continuous power. They deliver the beat all night long under the stressful conditions where DJs push the system for hours on end. The system is suspended with M10 eyebolts and 3-point aviation cable rigging.”

For a project of this nature, responsive support services are crucial. In this regard, Michael rates DAS Audio highly, “DAS Audio’s John Fiorito provided full support from design through final commissioning of the sound system. DAS was a terrific partner on this project.” Trio owner Eric Gussin stated to be “ecstatic with the outcome” and the various DJs and guests have all reported positive feedback.