Bose ShowMatch Makes its Way to the Indian Market

The new Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers is the latest offering from Bose for the Pro Audio market. The line array system caters to both live event sound and engineered sound installations. Successfully launched worldwide at more than 25 international live demonstration events, the product has been hands-on experienced by the leading pro audio industry members.

Widely appreciated, the compact and versatile ShowMatch loudspeaker features DeltaQ next-generation array technology, offering the ability to build traditional (J-Array or Constant Curvature) and DeltaQ array configurations, allowing both portable/rental and installed applications to deploy selectable coverage control. ShowMatch arrays are capable of generating a maximum SPL of up to 145dB (peak), or when SPL is less critical, they offer the ability to achieve full coverage with fewer modules for significant weight, height and cost savings.

The Bose ShowMatch was launched in India recently in Mumbai and was well received by the leading Pro Audio Industry members who joined the event. Sighting its Importance for the Indian Market, Arun Kumar – Divisional Manager, Bose Professional, India said:
“From our experience at the launch, I saw representation from all the cities. Obviously in Metros, the numbers of people are more and that is representative of the market. I believe that the quality perception of folks in the Metros or the tier 1 cities is actually no different from the perception in tier 2 cities. Lot of tier 2 rental companies for instance have top notch gear and sometimes actually better than some of the Metros. This gives me confidence that our customers, whether in Metros or tier 1 or 2 cities are appreciative of quality of sound and that really is where we can deliver.”

Bose ShowMatch is available in India through authorised distributors.