Let’s Go to Bed(Room)

Stunning scenery, a sea breeze blowing through your hair, good music playing in the background and a cool drink in your hand… sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Well that’s just the atmosphere that the owners of Cyprus’ new lounge bar, BedRoom, have created. Positioned right on the beach, and with an open-air design that gives the whole venue a sea view, it’s no wonder that BedRoom is proving so popular with locals and visitors alike.

A major tourist destination, the beautiful island of Cyprus sits in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea just south of Turkey. It welcomes millions of visitors each year – from across Europe and around the world – who enjoy spending time on its stunning beaches and soaking up its rich history. Naturally, this means the island has a vibrant nightlife, which is particularly true of the Southern city of Limassol.

Local leisure venue company the Breeze Group operates several clubs, restaurants, and bars in the city, but for their latest new venture wanted to bring something fresh to the Limassol scene. BedRoom Day N’ Night is a lifestyle concept venue that opens all day, right from breakfast time through to the earlier hours. It serves iced coffees and refreshing fruit platters in the morning, making it a popular place for locals to meet over breakfast. At lunchtime, it offers an opportunity for delicious meals to be enjoyed looking out over the Mediterranean. In the afternoon, it serves signature cocktails to visitors enjoying a day on the beach. Then, in the evening, the venue transforms into a chic lounge where the glamourous party crowd meets and mingles under the stars.

With only three walls, the venue is fully open at the rear to make the most of its picturesque sea view. It also has no ceiling, with just a lattice of beams providing support for fans and light fittings, but otherwise leaving the space open to the sky above. Shade from the hot Cypriot sun is provided by large billowing drapes, which give the space a unique feeling of being both inside and outside all at the same time.

Located on the main coastal road that skirts the southern side of Limassol, guests enter BedRoom from the street through doors and an entrance hall that look like any other lounge or club. However, when they step out into the main space, they experience a venue that is truly unique. Its open side and minimal roof, combined with its luxurious modern interior design, make for a truly-awe inspiring place to enjoy a cocktail, or party the night away.

Fulfilling the vision of designer Pericles Liatsos, BedRoom is dressed in pure white. Its simple and sleek décor is embellished by ethnic elements, sensual curtains and huge sharing beds that give the impression of an atmospheric outdoor bedroom. The venue is centered on a large open bar, with seating areas surrounding it on two levels. It’s most significant feature, however, is a giant infinity pool jacuzzi which sits just beyond the ceiling drapes right on the edge of the beach.

When it came to installing the lounge’s sound and lighting setup, the Breeze Group brought in SP MEGASOUND LTD, having worked with the company on a number of previous projects. Based in the Cypriot capital of Nicosia, SP MEGASOUND LTD offers design, installation and maintenance of professional sound and lighting systems for venues of all sizes right across the island. The company was founded in 2000 by Stelios Petrides, whose background in the industry goes back to the mid-80s, and employs a small but highly-skilled sales and technical team.

As longtime ADJ dealers, the SP MEGASOUND LTD team specified eight Inno Spot LED moving head spot fixtures along with four Inno Color Beam LED beam effects to make up the BedRoom lighting rig. Antonis Skotinos, who looks after Customer Sales & Sales Support for the company, explained this decision: “We chose these fixtures as they are powerful and elegant and match the concept of the venue and of course the owners and architects were fully satisfied with what we presented to them in the planning of the build. Since the fixtures were installed we had great feedback and have carried out further installations of the same fixtures.”

Spread throughout the space above BedRoom’s main bar area, the lighting fixtures are mounted to poles which hang down from the roof beams. Positioned in between the distinctive ceiling drapes, alongside fans which also drop down on poles from the central beams, the lighting fixtures are ideally placed to cover the whole lounge with their beams.

To fit with the venue’s distinctive aesthetics, the SP MEGASOUND LTD team arranged for all the lighting fixtures – as well as the speakers that they also installed – to be painted white. This means that during the day the fixtures blend in with the ceiling beams, fans, and drapes, while in the evening they come to life injecting color and energy into the otherwise white and tranquil space.

Although more of a chilled-out lounge than a dance club, lighting still plays an important role in creating the venue’s atmosphere after the sun has gone down. The Inno Color Beam LED fixtures are used to illuminate the ceiling drapes, with their moving beams of saturated color adding warmth and definition to the space. The Inno Spot LEDs, meanwhile, are used to project colored rotating GOBO patterns that sweep around the floor and walls heightening the energy of the venue’s predominately mainstream electronic music policy.

Having opened ahead of the 2015 season, BedRoom has now enjoyed two busy summers at the forefront of Limassol’s nightlife scene. Its combination of beach-side location, unconventional design and appealing décor have made it a popular destination, both for residents and visitors to the area. Whether looking to enjoy tasty food and delicious drinks while soaking in the sea views in daylight, or to party under ADJ’s LED-powered moving heads at night, it seems that THE place to go in Cyprus is to Bed(Room)!