Ayrton chosen for Singapore’s Church of Our Saviour


Ayrton MagicBlade-FX and Mistral spot luminaires were recently supplied to the Church of Our Saviour in Singapore by Ayrton’s exclusive local distributor, Total Solution Marketing Pte.

The Ayrton fixtures were chosen for this very special space for a number of reasons, as Technical Director, Ron Chiam, explained: “Because we only have a small space, we needed fixtures that were small and compact, but at the same time powerful enough to create a vibrant atmosphere. It was the first time we had heard about Ayrton, but soon realised that these were the fixtures to go for in the space that we had. They are used during moments of worship and are also used to create 3D-like lighting for our camera crew, so that they can capture what is on and off stage with ease.

“We have four MagicBlade-FXs rigged up on our flybars in a V-shape, so that we can fan them out to create some eye candy effects, or close them in for that extra breath-taking moment when there are solo performances. Two Mistrals are situated on the floor on top of boxes at our stage lip. These help to colour and project patterns to the roof and side walls. Another two are hung out on our side bars to give the audience some colour.”

Ron was delighted with some of the special features and ease of use of the Ayrton fixtures. “One of the moments where these lights stand out is when you can blend two gobos together to create some sort of texture, without it looking like a messy array that distracts the congregation. Instead, each gobo is blended with another in different rotations to create a certain type of mood that makes it special and unique. The prism and gobos work well in the Mistral, and the MagicBlade FX’s tightness of beam and the ability to have different colours on each pixel is great.

“These fixtures are straightforward and easy to use so my volunteers got the hang of them in less than an hour and, using an MA Dot 2 lighting desk, they were able to programme the most creative and alluring displays.”