Ayrton Appoints Bary AS as Exclusive Distributor for Norway

Bary AS is one of Norway’s largest suppliers of technical solutions and equipment for concerts, festivals, events and other productions with many years of experience and expertise, and a loyal customer base that places great trust in the company’s judgement.

“Bary is made up of passionate professionals whose ambition for excellence appear in their every undertaking,” said Ayrton international sales manager, Jerad Garza. “We embrace their values and love their energy, which make Bary and Ayrton a great fit. We’re excited to have Bary AS join the Ayrton family.”

“We are delighted to start our journey as Norwegian distributor of Ayrton,” agreed Morten Bakke, business development manager for Bary AS. “This is the result of three months of intense effort from our development, sales and lighting departments during which time we thoroughly researched the lighting market and the competition within this segment of the business. The list of suppliers got very long, but after our evaluation process there was no doubt – one of the suppliers really stood out and captured our full attention!

“We didn’t waste any time before settling on Ayrton. From our years of experience in the rental business, we know what to look for in a product and can easily spot the difference in build quality and durability, which our customers have come to rely on. Ayrton has released products that are in direct competition with the best fixtures on the market – at competitive conditions. They are also known for making really cool and creative effect lighting.”

With headquarters and its research and development centre located south of Paris, France, Ayrton has specialized in developing intelligent LED lighting products for entertainment and architectural applications since 2001. The company possesses a reputation for the highest competence in engineering, software, electronics and optics. Ayrton’s creations include highly innovative products such as the MagicPanel, DreamPanel, NandoBeam and WildSun ranges of fixtures – many of which are award-winning. Ayrton’s recent product releases include LED wash and profile fixtures Ghibli, Merak, Mistral and Bora, with more new releases scheduled to take the market by storm in the very near future.

As a company, one of Bary AS’s ambitions is to be first in line with new products to ensure they can offer their customers the latest and best technology. “There are a countless number of products out there, but we will only stand by those with the highest quality – the ones we like to use ourselves,” said Morton. “We use our knowledge from thousands of productions to provide our customers with the best solutions and installations. And we are proud of our suppliers and partners and eager to offer the best possible products.

“Ayrton has introduced a new industry standard for moving fixtures, and the positive changes at Ayrton since 2017 has created enormous excitement around the brand. This has made Ayrton a company with an extremely exciting future that we’re looking forward to being part of!”