Astera LED Announces New Distributor

Leading battery powered wireless LED manufacturer Astera LED has announced the ULA Group to be its exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor.

Astera’s sales and marketing director, Sebastian Bückle said: “I see huge potential in the Australian and New Zealand markets, which are highly developed, innovative in approach and growing fast, so we sought a partner that is progressive in thinking and approach with a great reputation for quality and well connected with a diverse and interesting client base. ULA Group ticked all the boxes. They have a huge energy and are highly motivated to push Astera products to the top across multiple markets.”

Established in 1992, the ULA Group is one of Australia and New Zealand’s best known and well-established professional lighting and visual solution providers. Always proactive and enjoying strong relationships with a number of premium brands, Managing Director Cuono Biviano and his team are fully committed to providing inventive lighting technology and visual solutions to all professional and commercial sectors including iconic structures and buildings, all types of entertainment venues and a wide variety of shows and events.

Cuono commented: “Astera is more than just a well designed and engineered LED product; a minutiae of details have been thought-through, making this a truly ground-breaking range. The ingenuity of the Astera product range is perfectly suited to ULA’s portfolio and vast client base, from rental houses to film studios, through to the design and specification market”.

Cuono highlights the “small but carefully crafted” Astera collection which includes key products like the TitanTubes, AX5 TriplePARs and the tiny AX3 LightDrops – one of the world’s smallest compact wireless event spotlights. “The range covers most needs in the world of battery-operated lighting, with the added benefit of crossing over into wired fixture markets. The superb colour mixing, multiple control options, dynamic mounting, quick releases… that, coupled with the sheer quality of the light output which is calculated to maintain continuity over time, is very impressive”.

Astera products have been designed to appeal to designers and practitioners working across all professional lighting sectors. Entertainment and live events is already a major success for the brand as well as film and television, especially the pixel-controllable, flicker-adjustable TitanTube.

Cuono foresees theatre shows as one of the potential growth areas where the products can be used for quick-deploy sidelights and boom fixtures or even footlights in conjunction with the clamp and holders. “Basically, they will be great for all those places where a little boost of light is required in very limited available space”.

He also mentions the functionality and user-friendliness of the Astera control App which includes neat features like time scheduling which is great for maximising workflow. “A technician can rig lights in several rooms and spaces quickly, set up the scheduling and move on to the next task”.

“We also see potential in fashion shows, for location photos shots, for makeup lights as well as for site practicals”.

With the event industry getting increasingly carbon conscious, LED illumination and battery powered units can greatly assist, and another important aspect here for customers is the cost-efficiency. Maintenance cost is low, no lamp replacements are needed and the Astera fixtures are also IP65 rated and robustly constructed to last.

Astera, having pushed the envelope in terms of what is possible with wireless technology and battery power, is also a perfect match for the ULA Group which likes to be at the forefront of technology.

Cuono concluded: “The structure and professionalism that Astera has brought to the table, along with the passion and dedication to producing great products makes us really excited to be working with Sebastian and the team. We can’t wait to get the products and the brand out there”.