Antelope’s Zen Studio used in Improvisational Performance in German Castle

Electronic Music Producer Rodi Kirkcaldy and Pianist Aron Ottignon are using Antelope Audio’s Zen Studio Audio Interface for their new musical endeavour ‘Spaces’, which will see the pair travel to unique locations to experiment with improvisational performance.

With locations such as a castle, a cabin in the woods and a forest on the cards, Kirkcaldy and Ottignon have decided on the Zen Studio due to its compact size and 12 built-in mic preamps.

“A big part of the of the improvisation for me is getting a really nice send of the piano coming through the Zen Studio” said Rodi “I’ve got that input routed so that I can hit a button and sample it on the fly and create something new with my granular synthesizer,” he explained. “I might change the pitch or the timbre and make something new to incorporate into the improvisation. The preamps are great, it’s portable, the latency is negligible, and it has all the inputs and outputs we need.”