Anchor Audio Unveils New Brand Identity

Anchor Audio has unveiled a new brand identity for the first time in more than 40 years. The new brand identity reflects the evolution of the organisation, its products, and the audio-visual (AV) industry. The move is part of an extensive branding initiative designed to carry the organization forward in better serving its channel partners and customers.

The debut of Anchor Audio’s new brand identity launched in June of 2018 in conjunction with the release of an entirely new product line, Series 2; the largest new product launch in the company’s history. A strong emphasis has been placed on the simplicity and reliability of their products, leading to the development of an all-new, all-encompassing tagline: Superior Audio with Unmatched Simplicity and Reliability.

A top-to-bottom redesign of the Anchor Audio website, along with an updated company logo, graphic communications and a new brand voice is designed to optimize the customer experience and effectively represent Anchor Audio as a modern and relevant brand to the specific markets they serve.

The Anchor Audio new branding initiative was motived by extensive market research, data analysis, and customer feedback. “Not only did we want an overall updated ‘look’, we also wanted our personality as a company to be portrayed in our brand: transparent, honest, and above all, simple and reliable,” said Bethany Dineen, Director of Marketing at Anchor Audio. “Our partners and customers will not only notice a complete update and easy-to-navigate redesign to our website, but a consistent brand voice across all of our communications that captures the energetic and authentic culture of our company. Our rebranding efforts now accurately and positively represent the Anchor Audio promise: to provide superior audio with unmatched simplicity and reliability.”