Amptown System Company Starts New Campaign with Employee

ASC is going to market with a new advertising campaign as of mid-September. They will be used over the next 10 months in German and international specialist publications for audio visual and entertainment technology, as well as in online event technology magazines. Print ads and online banners are supported by social media activities. The campaign’s motifs the companies employees, who are the true ambassadors of the ASC brand, with their passion for technology and their dedication to delivering perfect results demonstrate the full potential of the system specialist.

ASC has made its diverse and growing spectrum of services as a system house a core topic in its visual communication during its 25th year. Doing better is the philosophy that drives the entire ASC team. The results speak for themselves, with numerous client references and a high level of market acceptance.

“However, references always put the focus on the project and the technology used,” explained ASC Marketing Director, Dierk Elwart. “The actual service of system integration is often simply describes as ‘ASC implemented the installation of media technology’. This is correct, but it says too little. It hides a whole world of creative and exciting processes. We want to give these activities a face.”

“We have our employees to thank for our success,” reflected Leif Witte, ASC Managing Director for Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. “ASC has now grown to 180 team members and the commitment of our employees has enabled the company to reach the top of the level of system integration associated with Made in Germany. From trainees to management, we have the same passion for our customers and projects. It is important to me that the diverse expertise, broad-ranging abilities, and talents of our employees are also reflected in our public image. At ASC, we are committed to values such as trust, openness to new ideas, appreciation, and a good worklife balance, while externally we also stand for quality, innovation, customer satisfaction and sustainability, and we offer attractive jobs for all skill levels for all skill levels at our locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart.”

What makes ASC special? How exciting is system integration? What standards do ASC employees have for their work? What does the ASC service spectrum look like? With these questions, Dierk sketched out the new campaign. “We dealt with these questions intensively during the preparation of the new ASC campaign. Who could provide better answers than our own employees? They are the true brand ambassadors, and viewers and readers will trust them more than perfectly formulated advertising texts.”

At the core of the ASC campaign are both young and established ASC employees, whose personal statements explains what drives them. Their job function is described in a tongue-in-cheek way, with a headline involving a synonym from event technology, e.g. the Bright Spark, Audio Master, Interface, Screensaver, Output Amp, and Programme Director.

“Our employees make the company something special and, because we show the people behind the company, make us approachable as an employer,” said Leif. “Within the ASC management, we recognise the task of sharpening our profile and developing a good workplace culture. That is not always easy with so many people, opinions, and project deadlines, but we always endeavour to do the right thing. Ultimately, it is the team that counts. Our feeling of community is based on a high level of identification with the company, our passion for technology, and a very special team spirit.”