Amate Audio’s TPD3K 2.1 Offers More Space-Saving Power and Control

35 years ago Amate Audio introduced its original ‘TriPhonic’ 2.1 power amplifier design, an integrated L-R and sub solution for small sound installations. More recently the company revived the concept with a Class-D based design – the TPD – incorporating onboard loudspeaker management DSP and proving popular with installers and commercial audio contractors. 

Now the Barcelona loudspeaker company has extended the application potential of the platform with the launch of a higher power rated iteration of the rack-space, cable saving format. As the name suggests, the TPD3K provides in excess of 3,000 W of combined power, with up to 750 W continuous program power each for the left and right channels, and 2,000 W for the sub channel (at 4 Ω).

Onboard control DSP offers much of the operational performance advantage of Amate Audio’s fully active loudspeaker systems, including remote PC based configuration via the company’s intuitive DSPLink software. Adjustable system parameters include highly accurate filters, parametric EQs, Peak / RMS limiters, and delays enabling time-alignment of amplifier channels. R&D’d system presets enable instant optimum configuration of a range of Amate Audio loudspeaker models in the most common applications. In the TPD3K these extend to control of some of the larger models in the Nítid series, including the largest N18WP and N218WP subs.

Comprehensive I/Os comprise balanced XLR stereo inputs, L/R and sub loudspeaker connectors on binding posts and Speakon connectors, and three discretely configurable DSP AUX outputs on balanced XLRs for DSP control of a second 2.1 amplifier setup within a larger installation.

“The exceptional utility of the TDP platform was readily appreciated by commercial audio customers,” said Head of Sales, Jordi Amate. “As a means of rapidly and relatively easily providing a high quality power and control solution for smaller hospitality applications, it is largely unrivalled.”

The TPD3K’s power and performance premium comes with no increase in the TPD 2U 19” rack form-factor and – at 9kg – with just 1 kg of additional weight.